8 Unique Patio Pavers to Update Your Pool Deck in Arlington, MA

An updated pool deck can work wonders for your Arlington, MA, home’s backyard. With the right paver, you can not only improve the aesthetic design of your backyard but also improve its practicality. Here are eight unique pavers to renovate your pool deck. 

Flagstone Patio Pavers

8 Unique Patio Pavers to Update Your Pool Deck in Arlington, MA

The look of flagstone can bring a soft natural aesthetic and rustic charm to a pool deck. It can be sourced in a variety of hues as well, ranging from darker grays to light tan colors. You can get the same charm of natural flagstone from the range of premium pavers offered by Unilock, such as the popular Beacon Hill Flagstone concrete paver, with its durable construction, heat resistance, and wide range of colors. 


With its unique look, granite pavers can provide a distinctive pool deck for your backyard. And much like flagstone, you can get all the advantages of modern concrete pavers, including slip and stain-resistant surfaces, in a natural granite look. The Unilock Umbriano paver is one such option, giving you the speckled look of granite in a modern paver with sleek lines and clean edges. 

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Copthorne Patio Pavers

If you want a unique pool deck that favors a more classic design, Unilock Copthorne could be the ideal paver. With its small component size mimicking classic European brick pavers, the timeworn look will make your pool deck look truly unique. Moreover, you have a wide range of color options with this paver to easily match existing masonry around your home. 

Thornbury Patio Pavers

Keeping on the theme of natural pool decks, the Thornbury paver from Unilock is another design not often utilized for pool decks. It features a beautifully weathered surface texture while still retaining crisp edges and sharp corners for a wonderful blend of modern and classic paver design. 

Senzo Patio Pavers

For a more contemporary and modern look for your pool deck, you can find a wide range of options in the Unilock product catalogue, including the Senzo paver. It features a range of understated colors with a very smooth surface finish and matching clean edges and corners. The surface is also stain resistant due to EasyClean technology from Unilock, making it ideal for a well-used pool deck. 

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Natural Stone

Natural stone is one of the most sought after material for any landscape design, thanks to its beautiful, natural look. Sandstone and Limestone are two of the popular choices for backyard hardscape surfaces. However, natural stone is a hard material to source ethically and difficult to work with, which makes an expert landscape contractor essential for such a project.


Porcelain is a durable and beautiful construction material not often seen in pool decks. With quality manufacturers like Unilock supplying porcelain paving tiles in a wide variety of colors, you can be assured of high quality, a reliable backing warranty and consistent supply for repairs and expansions. 


Much like porcelain, marble is a beautiful and highly distinctive material that is immediately recognizable. It is also highly durable and stays cool under the hot sun. You can also get it in different finishes, including the classic polished sheen finish and a softer, tumbled finish.