Beautiful Driveways to Complement Your Home

Permeable & Non-Permeable Driveways


Beauty and function under your wheels!

Permeable paver driveways & paver driveways: functional elegance for your home

Concrete block and brick pavers are built to provide a lifetime of performance and good looks.

  • Pavers withstand the harsh New England climate without cracking, chipping, splitting, or buckling (unlike poured concrete or asphalt).

  • The smooth surfaces make snow removal easier, and de-icers don’t damage pavers.

  • Pavers are durable enough for the heaviest RV or frequent vehicle traffic.

  • Pavers come in many materials, colors, textures, sizes, shapes, and styles to complement any architectural style.

  • Pavers improve curb appeal and offer a distinctive, elegant feel.

  • Pavers offer design flexibility to incorporate curves or extra parking, integrating the driveway into the landscape.

  • Pavers don’t need to be sealed, and require minimal maintenance.

  • Damaged pavers are easily replaced.

  • Permeable paver driveways provide 100% storm water infiltration and eliminates standing water on non-sloped surfaces.


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You transformed our driveway from a basic, narrow driveway lacking any architectural detail, to a beautiful paved entrance to our home.