5 Driveway Pavers for Modern Landscapes in Belmont, MA

If your home has a modern style, you need a driveway that complements your design and adds value to your property. Unilock makes a variety of heavy-duty pavers suitable for use on driveways, all with incredible style. To update your Belmont, MA landscape, check out these paver options:


5 Driveway Pavers for Modern Landscapes in Belmont, MA

This beautiful paver fits the criteria if you want a bold look for a surface palette of dark and light grays. Made with EnduraColor technology, this driveway paver utilizes fine aggregates for a smooth look with the strength of granite. Available in Black Granite and Peppered Granite, use this paver to create a gorgeous design contrasting the lighter and darker colors for modern interest. Do a simple accent border, or create a more complex design using angles and lines. Choose from a number of laying patterns for the random bundle, or alternate rows of squares and rectangles for an interesting aesthetic.

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If you have a long driveway with a linear layout, a large format paver is a great option. Senzo has a very smooth surface with a vivid appearance that makes a bold statement. Perfect for minimalist design, it comes in Cremo, a light beige, or Nuvola, a mix of light and dark grays. EasyClean technology is used to seal the paver during the manufacturing process, making it tough against stains. Simply hose off your pavers and they should look clean and bright. They also are non-slip, making them perfect for large hardscapes around your property.


Richcliff delivers the look of cut flagstone with superior strength tough enough for driveways. Part of the Elegance Collection, this paver is made with several Unilock technologies that make it exceptional. Reala technology lets each paver perfectly mimic the surfaces of real flagstone through advanced casting processes. For heavy-duty strength, Ultima technology infuses each paver with strength up to four times that of poured concrete surfaces. This provides for extreme durability, with the authentic look and surface of real flagstone. Choose Pebble Taupe for a simple earthy tone, or blend it with Dawn Mist for a more colorful look.

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Tribeca Cobble

If your taste is a mix between the contemporary and the classic, Tribeca Cobble is a great compromise. This paver is made from granite, quartz, and marble, giving it the feeling of stone. It adds a regal character to roundabout driveways, beautifully complementing a landscape of plantings. There are small, medium, and large sizes, so you can choose one you like or mix it up for more texture. It can also be used in permeable applications for places where water runoff is an issue. Choose a dark colored paver for accents around borders, like Series in Black Granite.


If you want a driveway with a cool, smooth aesthetic, Artline is the paver for you. This plank-like paver adds a lengthening look and comes in different sizes for lots of linear interest. The different finishes allow you to create an ultra-modern look alternating rows of color and texture. If you want something more subtle, try Tuscany, an earthy beige tone.

These five Unilock pavers would all bring considerable strength and style to your driveway and overall landscape. Continue these pavers onto walkways and patios for a smooth transition around your property.