How to Find the Best Landscapers Near Me in Cambridge, MA

Planning a redesign for your Cambridge, MA, landscape? As you begin the process of looking for “landscapers near me,” keep in mind choosing a landscaper can be a tedious task given the huge number of companies offering landscaping services in our area. In this guide, we give some essential tips that will help you find the ideal landscaping company to fulfill your dream project. 

Choose a Local Company

How to Find the Best Landscapers Near Me in Cambridge, MA

Choosing a landscaping company that has years of experience in your area offers a number of advantages. For starters, they tend to be easy to approach and you can check their offices and experience their customer service in person. More importantly, they are more likely to be well versed with the nuances of the area including the integrity of the soil as well as the plant species suited to your local climate. This can make a world of difference in improving the installation quality and durability of your landscape design. A local company is also likely to perform the work faster and be more aware of local laws and codes. 

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Check Specializations

If you have a particular landscaping idea in mind for your yard, make sure the company you choose specializes in it. Specialized tasks such as installing walkways, driveways, and retaining walls require a lot of technical expertise as well as heavy equipment to produce a final product that is durable and has excellent fit and finish. Make sure that the service you require is clearly listed on the company’s website or brochure and inquire about their prior experience performing it. 

Customer Testimonials

While brochures and websites can often paint a rosy picture, the ground reality can sometimes be drastically different. Always check customer reviews and testimonials for potential companies. Choosing local companies is also advantageous in this regard as you can visit previous customers and see the quality of the work firsthand, as well as talk to the customers and discuss their experience with the company’s customer service. In particular, try to find a previous customers who have had the same service performed for their home. That way, you can get a sense of how your project with the potential company might turn out. 

Awards and Certifications

Companies that display credentials and awards from renowned organizations are generally a good bet. Certifications can also be essential for performing certain types of construction work and excavating. Do your homework and always contact the organization to verify the credentials claimed by a company. 

Being authorized contractors from high-end companies like Unilock is also a big plus as this not only endorses the materials the company uses but also their installation procedures for driveways, walkways, and patios. Moreover, Unilock Authorized Contractors offer a minimum two-year warranty on their workmanship, making them a trustworthy partner for most landscaping projects. 

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Lastly, make sure that the landscaping company has all the legal requirements fulfilled to work on your project. This can range from construction licenses and local government certifications to having the right permits required to perform certain jobs. The contractor should also be fully insured. Always verify that any subcontractors they are using are also insured so that you are not liable in case of any accidents occurring on your property.