Why Landscape Design Is Important for Properties in Wellesley, MA

Have you ever noticed that some landscapes catch your eye right away? The most likely reason is because of the design that went into creating the final look. Landscape design can bring planning and order to bring beauty to your Wellesley, MA, property. When you consider a landscape plan or refresh, keep the following design principles in mind.

Complete Harmony

Why Landscape Design Is Important for Properties in Wellesley, MA

Beginning with the goal in mind can help to produce a final product that is exactly what you want. When specific plants, trees, and hardscape elements are repeated purposefully in the landscape, this is what your eye looks for. Repeating a common theme such as a dark accent paver, a specific plant in the landscape beds, or incorporating a similar shape throughout the landscaped areas can bring a sense of visual harmony.

A landscape that lacks symmetry in plantings or its hardscape features can ultimately feel chaotic and too unstructured. The most pleasing properties have thoughtful planning that creates a lovely, unified picture, every time you look out the window or pull into the driveway.

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Balance and Color Choices 

Balance means that what you see on one side of the landscape is echoed on the opposite side, whether it is a stone pillar, similar shrubs, or lighting. Color choices figure into the purposeful balance because repeating hues of a color can give a landscape a feeling of restful completion. Additionally, all colors don’t necessarily work well together, so this is a consideration when planning out a landscape. 

One way to achieve balance is to have your hardscape features contain the same hue for either the field pavers or accents—this is a way to visually connect your patio with the nearby walkway or driveway. What you don’t want is your landscape design to look haphazard. 


Within a landscape, interest can be built by placing opposites together to bring variation such as when yellow and purple flowers are planted alongside one another. Or you could have blue, red, and yellow plantings put together to create a traditional triad of flower colors. If you have ever noticed a wonderfully planned landscape or even landscape bed, chances are that one of these color combinations was involved.

Don’t forget that variations of the hues of green also create a harmonious look like when hosta plants are grouped together and each green is a little different from the next. Color brings life to your landscape and boosts the visual interest and pleasure you have when admiring it from your vantage point in the house.

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Line and Proportion

There are lines everywhere in a landscape, from walkways, driveways, and patios to the boundary lines of our property. They help to bring definition to an otherwise undefined area. Emphasizing some of the lines can really make a landscape special. 

A landscape expert can help you bring order and planning to your Wellesley, MA, by using visually pleasing pavers and hardscape elements such as retaining walls and patios as lines in the landscape. Complemented by softscape plantings that emphasize all of the best features of your landscape,  these elements can work together to create a landscape that is both useful and gorgeous.