Merge Style and Longevity With Concrete Driveway Pavers in Lexington, MA

There are various types of driveways out there, from asphalt options to the poured concrete varieties. Some driveways are even installed using dense varieties of natural stone. However, concrete pavers still dominate driveways around the world—and for good reason. While other materials risk being too rigid, porous, fragile, or visually unappealing, it is difficult to find these same weaknesses in high-quality concrete pavers. Here are a few reasons to opt for concrete driveway pavers for your driveway in Lexington, MA.

Install a Driveway That Will Last

Merge Style and Longevity With Concrete Driveway Pavers in Lexington, MA

Concrete pavers installed skillfully over a level and well-compacted base are unlikely to shift, settle, or crack under pressure. Not even the frequent and overwhelming tractive forces to which driveways are subjected can cause a well-installed concrete paver driveway to budge.

Installed with care and made by a top-rated manufacturer, concrete pavers are also defended from the detrimental effects of freeze-thaw cycles, as the joints between pavers allow them to expand when needed. These joints also allow individual pavers to follow the natural movements of the underlying earth, preventing the cracks that tend to form in more rigid surfaces.

Choose From Countless Designs

Concrete pavers tend to look more sophisticated than alternatives like asphalt and poured concrete. One of their main aesthetic benefits, however, is the variety of styles they offer. Various molds, dyes, and manufacturing techniques are used to create pavers in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. They can even be designed and manufactured to look and feel like brick or natural stone, yet retain all the renowned compressive strength of concrete. Choose among a variety of options, from driveway pavers that would seem to belong in a old-world setting to pavers that look more contemporary and fitting of a modern Massachusetts home.

Don’t Worry About Maintenance

The routine maintenance of concrete pavers is relatively simple and requires very little effort or supervision on the part of the homeowner. Regular sweeping and the occasional use of a pressure washer to address grease stains can all be handled by your landscaping company without your involvement. Some joint sand between pavers may require replacement every two to three years, as it can erode and wash away over time. Re-applying sealant to a concrete paver driveway can also help to lock in the sand and prevent the pavers from becoming stained. Should any pavers become damaged, or underlying utilities require repair, individual pavers can easily be lifted and replaced without disturbing the rest of the driveway. This may help construction work on your property go by swiftly and silently.

Have Fun With Laying Patterns

Concrete pavers can be arranged in a vast variety of captivating laying patterns that are both decorative and can create subtle optical illusions. A running bond pattern, for example, can make a driveway appear longer—or wider—in the direction in which the pavers were laid. Incorporating a circular pattern into the center of the driveway can create a focal point that draws the eye. Interlocking paver patterns like the herringbone formation reinforce surfaces, like driveways, that are required to withstand tractional forces from various directions. Opting for jointing material in a contrasting color can highlight the edges of individual pavers and add crisp definition to your chosen laying pattern.