3 Reasons to Opt for a Bluestone Patio in Lexington, MA

There are many reasons to choose bluestone for your natural stone patio. Whether it’s the impeccable quality or beautiful appearance of the material, once you see these pavers you’ll likely want it for your patio project. A bluestone patio stands out among the rest, from the textured finish of each paver to the durability inherent in the material that will make your patio last for many, many years. Here are the three main reasons why you will want to use bluestone in the installation of your Lexington, MA, patio.

3 Reasons to Opt for a Bluestone Patio in Lexington, MA

A Textured Finish

Bluestone pavers bear a crude, rough texture that is not only exhilarating beneath bare feet or fingertips but also improves the safety of a patio. Bluestone pavers can be used to pave poolside patios that are likely to be wet and slippery when in use, because their incredible textures provide plenty of grip. Even once they are sealed, bluestone pavers retain their rough texture. Opt for natural cleft bluestone pavers to exploit their exquisite textures as far as possible.

The raw texture of each stone also allows bluestone to pair well with other crude, natural elements. Dynamic options include fire and flowing water, which can energize a landscape. Flames bounce off the mounds and ridges on natural bluestone, while flowing water forms waves and eddies as it moves past the various irregularities of individual bluestone pieces.

A Durable Patio

Durability is the main consideration for many homeowners when choosing landscaping materials—and for good reason. Materials that require frequent maintenance and replacement can prove more trouble than what they’re worth. Fortunately, bluestone pavers are one of those materials that can be installed and forgotten! This incredibly dense material is immune to the harmful effects of freeze-thaw cycles and hardy enough to withstand the wrath of the elements. Feel free to install these pavers where they will be consistently exposed to the sun, rain, and snow.

Bluestone is also a low-maintenance landscaping material that doesn’t stain easily because it is not very porous. Its density prevents moisture from entering it, which also prevents the growth of mold and mildew on this paver patio option.

Raw Beauty

Bluestone, just like any natural quarried stone, varies from piece to piece. The color of each stone is determined by the depth at which it was mined. As a result, certain stones are more vibrant than others. Some stones even bear unique patterns on their surfaces. The effect created by arranging pavers as unique as this is magical—especially when the pattern followed is seemingly random and stones of various shapes and sizes are used.

Bluestone surfaces are completely customizable. Stones can be cut to a uniform shape and arranged in an orderly fashion or used to create a mosaic. This type of stone is also available in unexpected colors like yellow and purple. Select a shade that complements the aesthetic of your outdoor living space, but be prepared for slight variations in color between stones. Finding two stones of the exact same color is rare, and the “perfection” of stone masonry is found in its deliberate imperfections. Regardless of the style of masonry you select, the mere presence of bluestone never fails to add a touch of luxury to a landscape. It has even been known to boost the resale value of entire properties