Thinking About A Snowmelt System For Your Paver Driveway?

5 Things To Consider Before You Turn Up The Heat

Snow Melt SystemsWinter 2016 has wound down and Mother Nature has given us a much-deserved respite from the blizzards we faced last year. But the memory of shoveling out from several feet of snow repeatedly is still fresh for most of us in the Boston area. It is why heated pavers, or snowmelt systems have become a popular choice when installing new driveways, walkways and steps.

If you are installing a new paver driveway this spring, you’ll want to take a look at the advantages and convenience of a snowmelt system. We recommend you consider the following:

  1. What Are The Advantages Of Heated Pavers?
    1. No more shoveling or blowing snow. A heated paver driveway simply melts the snow away.
    2. Peace of mind. Visitors will always have a clear path to your front door.
    3. Convenience. No need to shovel out your driveway or walkway before you leave, or when you return home.
    4. Environmental. Heated pavers virtually eliminate the need to spread sand and salts to combat icing.
  1. Which Paved Surface Makes Sense To Heat
    1. Driveways make the most sense for snowmelt systems because of their daily use.
    2. Front walkways that are frequented by family, friends, neighbors, the mailman or any service technician.
    3. Outdoor steps built with natural stone can be heated with a snowmelt system.
  1. Choosing The Right Pavers
    1. We recommend pavers that are 60 – 80 cm thick for residential projects
    2. Consider permeable pavers when drainage is an issue. Permeable pavers can also be used in conjunction with a snowmelt system.
  1. Choosing The Right Snowmelt System
    1. Electric snowmelt systems work well in driveways where power is not limited, and are well suited to smaller areas like front walkways and steps.
    2. If an electric snowmelt system exceeds the limits of the power supplied to your home, consider a hydronic snowmelt system that uses a separate boiler or furnace.
  1. Additional Costs to Consider
    1. Depending on the amount of power supplied to your home, you may need to upgrade or increase the power supply.
    2. If you are considering a hydronic snowmelt system you will need to install an additional boiler

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