Steps and Landings

Steps and landings add pizzazz to your front entry, porch or patio and create an easy pathway from a higher level in your garden to a lower level.
Steps created from concrete blocks, fieldstone, bluestone, limestone or granite are both practical and aesthetically beautiful.

  • Granite is one of the hardest rocks on earth, second only to diamonds in its durability.
  • Bluestone is one of the most striking natural stone materials for landscaping, due to its range of soft blues and grays that blend with almost any design.
  • Limestone can be found in a variety of colors, due to clay, sand, iron oxide and other materials formed within the rocks.
  • Fieldstone is often used in creating tough, rugged looking steps for the home and garden. These stones have a rustic appearance. Very simply, they are rocks that are found in fields and are always native to their region. They come in a variety of colors, & their size and texture can vary widely.
  • Combining Materials. Bluestone, granite or limestone combined with brick or fieldstone can be especially lovely.