Commonly Asked Questions

Q: How do I clear snow off the pavers?

A: You can do so with a plow, a snow blower, &/or a shovel. The surface of the pavers will be flat and therefore easy to clear snow by any method. Furthermore, the pavers are covered by a lifetime warranty against cracking or breaking

Q: Can I use de-icing agents to melt ice on the pavers?

A: Yes, they will not damage the pavers

Q: How should I take care of small weeds or grass growing in the joints between the pavers?

A: If there are any weeds or grass growing in the joints you will be happy to know that they are only on the surface and are not growing from underneath the system. The easy cure is to pull them out, or apply a mild weed killer such as Roundup.

Q: Will the pavers stain?

A: Typically anything that stains concrete will stain pavers, but to a lesser degree. They can be cleaned as one would normally clean concrete. Usually for oil stains one can use a commercially available cleaner to clean them. (do NOT use bleach) If you ever get a stain that you cannot remove, you will be pleased to know that the individual paver can be replaced with another. Fertilizer can also stain pavers and shows up looking like a rust mark. This generally needs a rust remover product.

Q: Can I seal my pavers?

A: Yes. There are a few things to take into account when considering sealers. You want to select a sealer that will last a long time and not flake off. We recommend a breathable, water-based epoxy sealer.